AIS Update

  • Go-Live 4: Student Financials, will be released in AIS on Monday, August 1. Additional enhancements to financial aid delivery, such as increased availability of direct deposit functionality for students, will also go live as part of GL4.
  • Testing
  1. User Integrated Testing began on June 27.
  2. System Integration Testing for GL4 concludes on July 11.
  • Training: The summer training schedule will kick-off with a new series of information sessions. Scheduled weekly beginning on June 12, the hour-and-a-half program will provide a broad overview of the Student Services Work Center. It will have a web-ex link for call-in, and the voice component and presentation will be recorded for posting on the AIS website. Invitations to attend have been sent to academic administrators. To reserve at spot at one of the July sessions, click here.
  1. Unique training curricula is in development for individual units.
  • FERPA: In conjunction with the implementation of AIS, the Registrar’s Office is requesting that all academic departmental administrators re-take FERPA training. Announcements to encourage compliance over the summer will run on a recurring basis in the AIS newsletter.
  • Summer Financial Aid Disbursements: On June 10, summer stipends, tuition awards and federal loans were disbursed from AIS for students planning to enroll in summer courses.  Members of the functional and technical teams worked diligently to make disbursements available to students.  To date, more than $20 million in financial aid has been disbursed, and financial aid will continue to disburse throughout the summer.
  • Systems of Record Over the Summer: Gargoyle will remain the system of record over the summer. However, as the Academic Information System continues to roll out, users will begin to work in more than one system until all conversions have been made at the end of Autumn Quarter. To assist staff members with understanding when items will transition to the new system, a quick reference guide has been created. It is available for download on the AIS website.
  • Student Information Analytics: The “Enrollment Dashboard,” the first reports available in the new SIA system, was released successfully in June. It provides reports for Autumn Quarter 2016.
  • Two-factor Authentication: All staff members using AIS must register for 2FA in order to protect confidential information and personal privacy. For more information, visit the 2FA website.
  • New address: On July 1, the project team moved from its space in the New Graduate Residence Hall to offices in Breckinridge.
  • GL5: Development of the functionality for the autumn release has begun.