Annual Registration Meeting


On Monday, September 15th, the Office of the Registrar hosted a diverse cross section of the campus academic and administrative community at its Annual Registration Meeting at the Logan Center for the Arts.  This was the first opportunity for many of the attendees to hear about the Academic Information System project directly from Scott Campbell, University Registrar, Amanda Fijal, Executive Director of University Financial Aid & ESA Technologies, and Lynn Barnett, Director of the Project Management Office.  This outreach constituted the first of many steps in a plan designed to include an ever-broadening swath of functional users as the project unfolds.  

Software System Recommendation

The Oversight Committee are preparing to make their system vendor recommendation to the project's executive sponsors.  The recommendation is based on the ability of each system to meet the University's requirements, the software vendor's appreciation of UChicago's unique needs and goals, and stakeholder feedback from the product demos, deep dive sessions, and RFP responses.