Brisk Progress on AIS

Brisk progress was made on the Academic Information System over the summer.

After preparing logistics and the initial design of the system, the project team partnered with representatives from across the academic community to specifically detail what the first sections of the system will provide for users. These include the integration with current admissions systems, the early action financial award packaging for College students, the 2016/2017 College Catalog and Graduate Announcement systems, and the first transfer of student data into AIS. This is an exciting step in the multi-phase process required in UChicago’s implementation.

To prepare staff members who will be using AIS, project sponsors Scott Campbell and Amanda Fijal, provided a series of information sessions over the summer. These were well attended and well received by the academic community. Going forward, additional sessions will be scheduled to discuss AIS, its implementation, and timeline. In addition, formal training for the first users of the system will begin in October.

At this point, our technical team has moved ahead of schedule, and we are on track for completion of the project in Fall Quarter 2016.