Go-Live 1


The first functionalities of UChicago’s new Academic Information System are now live for early users. On schedule at 8 AM on Monday, Nov. 9, the preliminary functions were launched. They provide:

  • Integration of admissions applications from unit systems into AIS
  • Early action financial award packaging
  • The 2016/2017 College Catalog and Graduate Announcement systems
  • The first transfer of student data into AIS

Support materials for users are available on the AIS website, ais.uchicago.edu. These include guided instructions, FAQs, email addresses, and background documents. If users can’t find the help they need online, they may email subject area team members:

Now the project moves on toward April 2016, when the next­—and largest—set of functionality will go-live. By next spring, AIS will provide:

  • Autumn 2016, Time Schedules or schedule of classes (released in Winter 2016)
  • Autumn 2016 Classroom Scheduling (released in Winter 2016)
  • Graduate financial aid awards for new students (released in Winter 2016)
  • Autumn 2016 Registration (released in Spring 2016)
  • 2016 – 17 Financial Aid Awards for Continuing Students (released in Spring 2016)

To date, the team is ahead of schedule, and the project is on track to be complete in Fall Quarter 2016.

For more information, please email aisproject@uchicago.edu. Check the project website, ais.uchicago.edu, for updates.