IDPs conclude

This week saw the conclusion of Interactive Design and Protocol (IDP) sessions for Campus Community and the start of sessions dedicated to Student Financials and Financial Aid. As sessions kick off, there is a focus on discovering current business practices; as they draw to a close, project team members set out to create detailed guides of how the University actually operates and how these processes might live in the new system. 

Project team members and UChicago subject matter experts will be very busy next week, as we begin IDP sessions for Admissions Integration, resume sessions for Student Records, and continue with Student Financials and Financial Aid topics.  People are being pulled in multiple directions, but it is an exciting time to be involved with the project and to see the new system taking shape.

Also this week, Technical team members completed PeopleSoft Integration Tools training.  They will have a one week break from training before exploring SQR Programming.