Responses to the Reguest For Proposal coming in

Project team members continue to analyze and rank responses to the RFP from software providers and integrators.  On August 27th, they joined the monthly meeting of the Oversight Committee to discuss their initial findings.  They also answered questions from committee members regarding the RFP executive summaries.

In addition to a strong emphasis on collaboration, the project team is employing a data-driven approach to decision making.  Campus stakeholders  have been asked to complete an online survey at every step of the system and integrator selection process, and their responses have proven invaluable in shaping the team's recommendations to leadership.  In evaluating the ability of each system to meet University requirements, the project team has also developed metrics that can be used across offices (such as Registrar, Financial Aid, and Bursar) to score the systems in a transparent way. 

In preparation for integrator interviews on September 9th, the project team is assembling a set list of questions designed to scrutinize each firm in equal measure.  After the interviews have concluded, attendees will be sent a survey that will allow them to rank the integrators according to their personal preference. Project team members will also assess the integrators using a scoring sheet based on criteria laid out in the RFP.  This combination of assessments should result in a clear picture of the University's preferred system and integrator.

If you have questions about the AIS Project, please don't hesitate to get in touch.