Scope and Timeline

Project Scope through December 2016

The new Academic Information System will replace and improve functionality in current systems and reporting capabilities:

  • Gargoyle (time schedules, academic records, registration, student accounting)
  • Self Service (Faculty Access, portal, self-service registration)
  • PowerFAIDS (institutional and federal financial aid)
  • Dossier (College academic advisement)
  • PeopleWare (Graham School non-credit programs)
  • Student Data Warehouse and TANK files (strategic and operational reporting

The system will track graduate milestones and doctoral student academic advising.  A pilot for new doctoral student functionality will be tested in the Ph.D. programs in Chemistry and the Institute for Molecular Engineering.

Implementation Timeline

Five rolling go-live releases converge for a full 2016 Autumn Quarter implementation:

  • November 2015:  Integration of admission systems to support early action financial aid packaging; begin production of 2016-17 College Catalog and Graduate Announcements
  • February 2016:  Time Schedules and classroom scheduling; graduate financial aid awards for new students
  • May 2016:  Registration for continuing College students; 2016-17 financial aid awards for continuing students
  • July 2016:  Student financials and billing
  • September 2016:  Academic records, transcripts, and Convocation planning; College academic advising and degree planning; registration for new students

Post-Project Deliverables: January 2017 and Beyond

Even as the team builds the system that will be fully deployed in 2016, improvements beyond the first scope are being planned.

  • Deploy “graduate tracking system”
  • System support for centralized business processes to track time-to-candidacy, time-to-degree, teaching appointments, and other academic milestones
  • Develop comprehensive curriculum support model for faculty
  • Model will improve time schedules and registration processes – course prerequisites, ratios, permissions, and waitlist